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About us

The Pixel Gang was launched in Summer 2014 by the parents of children attending Keston primary school. Since then we have taught over 1,900 children.

We run holiday courses, Saturday code clubs, and term-time after school code clubs at our purpose built training studio at Barham Close Bromley BR2 8LU, and at primary schools in Bromley.

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In a nutshell

Our children love to play computer games, use the internet, and engage with desktop and mobile devices, but parents know how distracting and addictive they can be.

Lucy Stirling and Matt Ottewill
Our team

With expertise in the creative arts, digital media, education and childcare, ours is a project run by parents for parents and their children.

Teacher preparing a coding lesson plan
Our principals

Once your child has acquired skills and knowledge, their ability to create, think laterally and solve problems will be their most valuable assets to a future employer.

customer writing a review

Read our reviews here. We work hard to understand what parents and children want and need, and will continue to use your feedback to improve what we do.

Our training studio with computers
Our training studio

At our training studio we use Apple computers, in addition to video, still image, and audio production equipment. We use the school's computers at our after schools clubs held at schools, but your child can bring their own laptop too.

Matt Ottewill teaching games coding
How we teach

We employ a variety of resources and approaches to teach our students. Students are taught as a group, individually, using online resources, and by collaborating.

certificate of acheivement
Certificate accreditation

We accredit our students and recognise their achievement by awarding them certificates.

Student showcase
Student showcase

Some of the work our students have created.

Quality assurance

The quality, safety and fairness of our provision is paramount.

Terms & conditions

Before booking an activity, please read this page carefully.

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