Use our video course to learn to code and create games with Scratch

Scratch coding 7-12yrs online video computer code club courses

brother and sister learning to code online with our Scratch video course
Our Scratch coding online video courses are an ideal way for your child to experience our lessons at home, if attending a course or club is inconvenient for you.

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Course 1. Scratch coding for kids - Getting started
Video course for 7-12 year olds.

Eleven video lessons ..

01. For parents - help your child get started
02. Your first Scratch lesson
03. A good way to begin a game
04. Control a sprite's movement
05. Make a sprite move by itself
06. Collisions
07. Broadcasting between sprites
08. The paint window
09. More about the stage
10. Show and hide
11. Make your first finished game - ping pong

Scratch game scriptsCourse content

Our video courses have been designed for parents who want to re-direct their child's natural enthusiasm for playing games into creating games and coding.

Video lesson stillThey have been created specifically with children in mind and have been carefully scripted to be clear and unambiguous. Our instructor is a qualified and experienced teacher who speaks clearly and precisely, leading the learner through every detail of the activity. Each step is explained and demonstrated.

Girl coding with ScratchAs the lessons progress, your child will build familiarity with Scratch, follow game making exercises, build a complete game and acquire the skills and knowledge required to build their own games. In so doing they will begin to understand the fundamental transferable concepts of coding, and improve their creative, math and computational thinking skills.