An overview of who we are, what we do and why

About us - in a nutshell

We create online games coding courses and host a subscription games coding learning website.

Run by parents for parents

Our children love to play computer games, and use phones, tablets, laptops and gaming consoles, but parents know how distracting and addictive they can be. Our aim is to transform children from being users of games and websites .. into creators. We do this with activities that support and complement the new National Computing Curriculum.

The Pixel Gang was launched in Summer 2014 by the parents of children attending Keston primary school. Since then we have taught over 3,000 children. Our fun games coding lessons for children harness your child's enthusiasm, and channel it towards the development of creative, analytical and technical skills that will give them a head start in their school work, creative projects and future careers.

Our activities motivate and inspire learning by teaching coding in a manner that will thrill and motivate children. Making a game, or building a website, is rewarding, educational and above all fun.

The new national Computing curriculum

Primary and junior schools are facing huge challenges in delivering the government's new Computing curriculum, which replaced the old ITC subjects in Sept 2014. Our activities support and complement the new curriculum by focusing on computational thinking and programming, games and website coding, and creating digital content such as images, sound and music. The skills and knowledge we teach will help ensure your child is top of the class.

Developing skills for secondary school

By the time our children reach secondary school, the move to all digital work-flows will be well underway. Having studied with us, your child will arrive for their first day equipped with essential knowledge and skills, to help them create, present and share their work.

Future careers

All forward looking businesses uses digital media. Many jobs expect young people to be not only computer literate, but have coding, design and creative skills. Our activities are the perfect start to ensure your child is equipped for the digital workplace.