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Jane - mother of Sam (13)

I can’t recommend The Pixel Gang highly enough. My son joined Matt’s after school club in Y3 and really enjoyed the holiday games coding courses. It sparked a real interest as well as building skills, confidence and curiosity. He’s now at secondary school & excelling in computer science - he’ll sit his GCSE a year early as a result of the foundation skills he learnt with The Pixel Gang. Thanks Matt!

Christine - grandmother of Aiden (10) and Lewis (9)

My grandchildren attended a course during the half term holiday and had a great time.  They are beginners but ended the week proud of their achievements which were backed up with a certificate awarded on completing a specified range of tasks. Matt and his team are very enthusiastic and this spurs the children on to do well. New skills and new friends have been made over the holiday course. Full marks to the Pixel Gang!

Jey - parent of Kyan (8)

My 8 year old son attended the 'Games Design' course over the holidays and absolutely loved it. The teaching was a perfect balance of learning and real fun and my son was able to use his creativity whilst learning a new skill. I thoroughly recommend The Pixel Gang courses and will be joining him up for further ones in the future.

Jo - parent of 8 and 11 year old boys

My sons tried a Pixel Gang taster session and absolutely loved it! They have been talking about it ever since and we will definitely be signing up to the summer holiday programme.

Denise - parent of Simon (10)

Thank you! Simon had a really interesting morning (taster session) with you. He logged on to the link to his work within minutes of being home - what a result!

Hazel - parent of Nathan (9)

It is fantastic that Tracy and Matt are providing this unique learning environment for our children. Nathan has just completed his summer course and said "it is so much fun he wishes he could go every day!". I asked him why and his words were "learning new skills,making games and then watching them work". He is returning to take level 3 in September.

Matt - parent of Elizabeth (7)

From one session I can see how this course can help my children to improve in lots of areas of their education. Excellent. Interesting, engaging and educational.

Mark Hamilton - parent of 3 boys

I work in the creative industries and education. I can't think of a better way of my kids spending time after school. Tracy and Matt are not only talented and good teachers, but amazing with kids. I would strongly recommend them. Your little ones will be making creative media in an instant.

Lucy - parent of Woody (7)

Woody had the best time with you today and was absolutely buzzing with what he had learned, showing us all the game over and over again and telling us how he'd created it. He was able to apply and build upon what he had learned in the home environment, which for Woody is a great achievement, testament to your calm, structured and considered teaching method. He cannot wait to do more so I'll be signing him up for lots of courses with you over the Summer and after school next term. We think it is a brilliant idea!

Sivaja - parent of Josh (9)

My son loved the (Halloween) half term club. It was his first time after the taster session and he said it was "brilliant." I am glad to have found him something he actually enjoys doing and have signed him up for another holiday club already while waiting for a place on the weekly club.

Elizabeth - parent of Eva (6)

My daughter originally joined the class to be with her best friend and was not particularly interested in the content. After a few weeks she was looking forward to the class. At the end of the ten week term she had created her own game which she was so pleased with. For a six year old, what she had learnt and what she programmed was very impressive. And she really enjoyed it.

Mel - parent of AJ (9)

My son loves playing on the computer, and with The Pixel Gang he feels like he's playing but he's actually learning a lot. The sense of achievement he felt at the end of the lesson was great, having created a game, and designed the character in it. I can see that Pixel Gang courses are a multi-layered form of education, including maths, creative work and using logic. AJ didn't stop talking about what he'd done in lesson, he thoroughly enjoyed it. I think it's a fantastic idea.

Nathan (9) - student


Miranda Mayne - teacher

As a secondary school teacher I can clearly see the huge advantage The Pixel Gang courses will give pupils as they enter into KS3,4 and 5 across the whole curriculum. They will find not only accessing the teaching and learning for all subjects easy, but will also be able to harness skills learnt to work faster, more imaginatively and with a fluency of understanding without having to concern themselves with the usual technical barriers.

Not only will they enter secondary education with advanced computer skills but will have liberation from the normal hurdles and challenges most pupils find. Thus they will find themselves leaps and bounds ahead of their peers and have gained another tool on the ladder to Gifted and Talented.

Sophie - parent of Archie (9)

The taster session was informative, interesting and productive. My son really enjoyed it and has carried on with his game design at home. It is a lovely atmosphere and Archie seemed to relax and get into the session really quickly. Thank you Matt and Tracy.

Mark Narayn - parent of Mollie and Louie

I love the approach and ethos of the Pixel Gang. It gives a brilliant grounding for the unknown future that my kids are going to be a part of, while letting them have loads of fun at the same time. So what knowledge, skills and attitudes do they provide, that I want my kids to have? - Knowledge of how to use and navigate the internet to find and filter the mass of information that is out there. - Skills in using, manipulating and redesigning online tools so that they can engage with the world, participate in the dialogue, and have a voice. - An attitude of confidence... a passion for exploring and learning... the resilience to see mistakes as learning opportunities... and the ability to work well with others to solve problems, create and bring ideas to life.

Matt and Tracy's approach gives all of this, in a way that the schools I've seen, don't provide. They are not "big business" or a conveyor belt generating "learning outcomes". They are a part of my community, with kids of their own, doing something they seem to really love.... and they're damn good at it too! The Pixel Gang is a breath of fresh air in the sea of test-obsessed, mainstream education.

Tom - parent of Edward (7)

Our seven year old son who has Asperger’s syndrome thoroughly enjoyed the really practical workshop he recently undertook at The Pixel Gang with Matt and Tracy. He responded extremely well to the calm, nurturing, structured and fun learning environment created by both Matt and Tracy.

At the end of a two hour session he had created his own unique game of which he was rightly extremely proud. He has also been particularly motivated to carry on developing his game at home and has also really enjoyed sharing his game with family members. He cannot wait to attend the next workshop on web design.

In an age where children and adults can take so much of the technology around them for granted, Matt’s courses and superb in depth specialist knowledge help provide children with an essential understanding of the processes which underpin key areas of modern technology. I wish I’d had access to such excellent courses when I’d been at school!