Our students earn certificates which acknowledge their achievements

How certificate accreditation works

We accredit our students and recognise their achievement by awarding them certificates. You can see what learners must do to earn them by clicking here.

CertificateOur Certificates

Our Pixel Gang Certificates are awarded in printed form.

Our certificates include ..

  • The name of the learner
  • The award
  • The date of the award
  • The name of the issuer / verifier (us)


As our students progress, they are awarded certificates that reflect their skills and knowledge. It is quite possible for a beginner to be awarded a level 2 certificate if they have progressed sufficiently.

How are certificates earned and awarded?

Here are the steps ..

  1. At the beginning of their course, each student is told what certificate they are working towards, what the tasks are and what evidence they must create.
  2. Throughout the course, we track and assess each students progress, and review their evidence.
  3. Towards the end of the course we assess each student, confirm that the tasks and evidence are complete, and award the certificate.