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eSafety policy, rules & agreement form

This page includes ..

  1. An overview of our practices regarding safe use of the internet and software systems by our learners. Our Physical health & safety policy is here.
  2. An eSafety agreemet form for parents to complete (bottom of page)


Internet usage

Our computers use managed accounts for learners with parental restrictions activated. Any internet usage is directed and observed by our teachers. Very few of our activities involve use of the internet. Exceptions include ..

  • accessing our student website to view tutorials and help pages
  • assessing the Scratch community to view other children's work and upload our own
  • downloading images and sound
  • demonstrations by the teacher

We will take all reasonable precautions to ensure that children cannot access inappropriate materials, but we cannot be held responsible for the content of materials accessed through the Internet. The Pixel Gang is not liable for any damages arising from use of the internet.

Social media, email and messaging

We do not facilitate, or teach the setting up of online accounts for our students. If a student has a pre-existing online account the Pixel Gang assumes that the students parents have agreed to or facilitated it. In this case, it is the responsibility of parents to ensure their child has had adequate guidance to ensure their safeguarding.

On request, the Pixel Gang can offer advice to parents.

Bringing your own computer

If your child brings their own computer it your (parent or guardian) responsibility to ensure their user account (Windows, OSX etc) is managed and has suitable parental restrictions in place. You may wish to create a separate user account for your child.

Electronic images of your child

Some of our activities (such as image design and video production) may involve images of your child if they are subjects or performers. These images may be used in their own online portfolios and those of other children, but will never be accompanied by their names or other personal details.

Violence in games

Our policy is here.

Rules for children

  1. You must not take drinks or food into the room where the computers are.
  2. You must respect others by remaining quiet and considerate. Use headphones.
  3. You must not write any words or record any views that could be hurtful to others.
  4. Only use the Internet when supervised by your teacher.
  5. Only access websites your teacher has told you to.
  6. Only click on the buttons or links when you know what they do.
  7. If you find something on the internet you don’t like - tell your teacher immediately.
  8. Don't send, receive or read email without your parents consent.
  9. Don't use social media channels, chat rooms and forums without your parents consent..
  10. Never enter your name or personal details on any internet website unless instructed to by your teacher.
  11. Start up and shut down your computer so as not to damage the data (your work) stored on it.

Further information

For children ..

For parents ..

eSafety agreement

Please complete and send this form, to acknowledge that you and your child understand our policies and rules.

If you need to, refer to the text in the left hand column for guidance. Contact us with your questions.