Find out about the equipment we use at our training studio

Our training studio

Our training studio
At our training studio we use Apple computers, in addition to video, still image, and audio production equipment. We use the school's computers at our after schools clubs held at schools, but your child can bring their own laptop too.
Our training studio with computers

Training studio

Our training studio in Bromley Common is a safe, secure and hygienic environment, professionally equipped and fit for purpose. We are wheelchair accessible and there is an adjacent toilet. We are located in Barham Close, Bromley BR2 8LU off the A21 Hastings Rd.

Each student has an Apple MacMini workstation with 22" screen and headphones. We have small easy-to-move mouse pointers, suitable for younger learners, and trackpads for students who require them.


To make it as easy as possible for our learners to continue with their learning at home, we try to use as much free software as possible. Although our own computers are Apple Macs, all our activities can be undertaken on PCs too.

The software we use ..

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Activity Mac software PC software
Website design TextEdit, Pixelmator NotePad, Gimp
Digital images Pixelmator Gimp
Games design Scratch, Pixelmator, Garageband Scratch, Gimp

Other equipment

In well as computers, we have a range of devices that allow students to create media content, including ..

  • Panasonic AVCHD camcorder
  • Nikon digital SLR
  • Canon scanner
  • Green screen
  • LED video lights (safe for children to handle)
  • Light reflectors
  • Tripods
  • Microphones
  • Fish-pole boom