Keeping our students and staff, and their families, safe

Coronavirus - our response and advice for parents

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Our clubs and courses are running at our Bromley training studio. You can book now for a free Taster or Trial session.

Current Covid-19 guidance at our training studio

We are following the government guidelines for schools. Therefore ..

  • Testing - Please follow your schools advice on testing.
  • Share positive results - Inform us if your child tests positive so we can act and share information approriately.

  • Face masks - Face masks are optional.
  • Drinks and food - Students will be required to bring their own drinks and snacks and not to share them.
  • Ventilation - A window or door will be open during the sessions to permit ventilation.
  • Cleaning - Our workstations will be cleaned following each session.

Updated 20th January 2022

To date our staff and students have been infection free, with no cases of staff or students becoming infected at our Bromley training studio. Thank you for helping to keep us all safe.

If you have any concerns or questions, please do Contact us.

Matt & Lucy


Previous updates

Updated 21st May 2021

Safeguarding measures for clubs and courses

Thank you for helping us to keep all staff, parents and students safe over the last year or so. We have had no infections or transmissions.

The government has updated its advice on after-school clubs, and indoor activity is now permitted. The advice requires providers such as ourselves to consider a range of issues to ensure the safeguarding of the children in their care, and we are happy to say that we meet the criteria.

Our clubs and courses fall well within the safe guidelines, particularly with respect to ..

  • students do not mix with a large number of other students and stay within their group/club
  • club and course student numbers are small (maximum 12)
  • parents do not stay at the clubs, the students are dropped off and collected
  • we have a safe, secure and hygienic venue

Although they are no longer required, we have decided to continue our strong safeguarding procedures for the remainder of this school year. They are stronger than our students are experiencing at school but we believe it is prudent and correct to make every possible effort.

To date our staff and students have been infection free, with no cases of students either becoming infected, or attending sessions whilst infected.

The following are the measures we have put in place to protect our students and staff form Coronavirus infection at our training studio ..

What you need to know before your child attends ..

  • Parents will be required to confirm that their child, and everyone in their bubble, has not tested positive for coronavirus.
  • Each activity session will accommodate 6 students¬†only (unless siblings attend).
  • Students are socially distanced from one another, with an empty workstation between them.
  • Parents will not be permitted to enter the training studio, except during taster sessions.
  • The students in each club and course activity will effectively be in a bubble, isolated from other students.
  • If any student within an activity bubble, or a member of their family, develops symptoms the activity will be suspended and all parents informed.
  • In the event that any family member of a student tests positive, all parents will be informed and the activity may be suspended subject to test results. If there is any doubt, the activity will be suspended.

Arriving for a session ..

  • If parents and students arrive early, they will be required to socially distance outside the training studio before entering.
  • Students will be seated in strict order to maintain social distancing requirements.
  • Students will be required to wash their hands at the session start (hand sanitiser will be provided).

At the session ..

  • Students will be required to wear a face mask at all times unless they have a medical exemption.
  • Students will be separated from one another by a vacant workstation place, unless they are siblings.
  • Students will not be permitted to move from their workstation except to visit the toilet.
  • Students will be required to bring their own drinks and snacks and not to share them.
  • A window or door will be open during the sessions to permit ventilation.
  • The teacher will wear a face shield at all times, except when teaching the students at an acceptable distance.
  • The teacher will not touch a students keyboard or mouse.

Following the session ..

  • Students will leave in an orderly fashion wearing their face masks.
  • Our computer workstations will be cleaned.


These safety measures will be reviewed in line with government advice and may be subject to change at any time.

You can also read our terms & conditions here.

If you have any questions please do ask.

Thanks for reading. Stay safe.

Matt & Lucy