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Your child can try out some of our free tutorials here. They are a great way for them to experience Scratch games coding and have some educational fun at home. Simply download the free Scratch software first and then choose a tutorial from the list below.

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To complete our tutorials you will need a desktop or laptop computer (tablets are not supported) AND ..

Our tutorials

You will see that each tutorial has a level, indicating its difficulty ..

  • Level 1 & 2 - beginner
  • Level 3 - intermediate
  • Level 4 - advanced
  • Level 5 & 6 - expert
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Name and Description Type Scratch version Level
142 Snooker NEW
Create a snooker game
Game Any version 5
192 Crystals & walls NEW
Collect the crystals, avoid the walls!
Game Desktop 3 3
182 Death star arcade NEW
Destroy it before it destroys you!
Game Desktop 3 3+
171 Force field defence NEW
Deploy a force field to shield you from enemies
Game Desktop 3 4
097 Car maze NEW
Collect the hearts before the maze gets harder and time runs out
Game Any version 3
036b Save and load games in Scratch desktop (3)
Learn some file basics.
Exercise Desktop 3 1
001a Begin and end a game - simple
Begin and end a game with keyboard key presses
Exercise Any version 1
001b Begin and end a game with a broadcast NEW
Begin and end a game with keyboard key presses or mouse clicks
Exercise Any version 2
002 Set the character rotation property
Decide if you want to allow or disallow the Cat to rotate
Exercise Any version 1
003 Control a characters movement with key presses
Control the Cat's movements with the arrow keys
Exercise Any version 1
004 Follow the mouse-pointer
Control the Cat's movements with the mouse
Exercise Any version 1, 2, 3
008 Make a ball bounce
Make a ball bounce around the stage
Exercise Any version 1
009 Change costumes
Make a bee change its costume to create a better movement animation
Exercise Any version 1
011 Simple collision 1 - cat and ball
Make a sprite react when it is touched by another sprite
Exercise Any version 1
012 Simple collision 2 - coloured square
Make a sprite change colour when it is touched by the cat
Exercise Any version 1
022 Eating cake
Fatten up the cat!
Exercise Any version 1
023 Car park
Can you park the car in the parking space?
Exercise Any version 2+
024 Throw a ball up in the air
Learn how to throw an object
Exercise Any version 2
030 Throw a fireball
Create code to allow a cat to throw a fireball at an attacking fox with automatic aiming
Exercise Any version 2+
033 Random falling balls
Move the cat sprite to avoid the balls
Game Any version 2
039a Quiz - simple
Create a simple quiz and add your own questions.
Game Any version 1
041 Goodie vs baddie shooting game
Learn how to aim and fire at a moving enemy
Game Any version 3
051b Football - intermediate
Score goals against a defender
Exercise Any version 3
060 Domino effect with balls
One ball sets off another
Exercise Any version 2
064 Disco Dancer
Lights and dancing!
Game Any version 3
065 Archer
Hit the target
Game Any version 3
075 Auto ghost maze
Pac-man gets chased
Game Any version 3
078 Portal simple
Enter a portal and exit from another portal
Exercise Any version 2
086 Space invaders
Build the classic game
Game Any version 3+
089 Minesweeper
Destroy the mines before they sink you
Game Any version 4
104 Monster escape
The cat must collect bananas before the monster catches him
Game Any version 2
109 Tank battle
Defeat an enemy tank that keeps on coming!
Game Any version 4
111 Spirograph
Create colourful geometrical patterns
Exercise Any version 3
120a Love calculator simple
Find out how much 2 people love each other!
Game Any version 2+
124 Piano tiles
Play as many notes as you can
Game Any version 3
128 Jumping bean
Chase the jumping bean to earn points
Game Any version 2
136b Drawing app intermediate
Use the mouse to paint and rub out images
Game Any version 3+
137b Santa's sleigh - intermediate
Deliver presents and earn rewards
Game Any version 3+
149 Symmetrical painter
Create a mirror image pattern
Game Any version 4
154 Clear the balls
Clear the balls from the stage before the time runs out!
Game Any version 2
165b Repel intermediate
An exercise in which one moving sprite repels another
Exercise Desktop 3 3
175b React when hit - advanced
Make sprites react in different ways when you hit them with a projectile
Exercise Desktop 3 4

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