Create a fun game with witches, pumpkins, sound effects and frights!

Halloween half-term holiday 7-8yrs Young Learners Games Design computer code club course

Halloween scared eyes
Scratch code cat This fun short half term holiday course for 7-8 year olds involves creating halloween characters such as ghosts and pumpkins, recording sound effects and creating a fiendish game to chill you to the bone! (And without the children knowing it they'll be learning programming, improving their maths skills and meeting national computing curriculum targets!) Dare you book a place for your child?

Activity options & fees

7-8yrs Young Learners Games Design computer code club course
At our training studio in Bromley Common BR2 8LU. Maximum 12 students.
This activity has not yet been scheduled.

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Activity content

Gov.UK logoOur activities cover attainment targets from the National Computing Curriculum.

This fun activity is suitable for beginners and younger children. It involves creating games using Scratch and other media creation applications. Students are taught creative coding techniques, and are then encouraged to put into practice what they have learnt.

Subjects taught include animation, image creation, loop based music production, character and object control, and coding skills.

Teaching content is tailored to challenge and improve each learner's existing skills and knowledge. Learners are continually assessed to establish the level they are working at and to stretch them.

Our activities are accredited with Pixel Gang Certificates. To earn a certificate learners must complete certificate tasks.

Age range & SEN

This course is suitable for any 7-8 year old child who has some experience of Scratch or has a keen interest in learning coding. Is your child ready?

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