Pixelmator tutorial - setting up your workspace

Setting application preferences

1) Launch Pixelmator and then dimiss the file browser window by clicking "done" ..


2. Select "Preferences" from the top Pixelmator menu ..


3. In the General tab choose "Transparent" for the New Image Contents. This will ensure your background layer will only contain the pixels you add ..


4. Select the Tools tab to customise your Tool bar (drag them to add them). The default selection should be OK but you may need to add the very useful Hand, Line and Magnetic Selection tools ..


5. In the Rulers tab choose "Pixels" for the Default Rulers Units ..


6. Close the Preference palette window.



Setting up your workspace

1. We need to have the most essential palette windows open. Click on the View menu ..

Now click each of the following palette window items in the menu to show them ..


2. Drag to arrange the indivdual palette windows like this ..