Pixelmator tutorial - selections

It is useful to be able to select and de-select parts of an image file.


Selecting all the pixels in a layer

1. To select all the pixels in an image or image mask, simply click on the thumbnail in the layers palette and then select Edit>Select all ..


A "crawling" black outline will surround the image to show the layer has been selected ..


2. To delete all the pixels you have selected press backspace.


3. To deselect all the pixels in the layer mask choose "De-select all" from the top Edit menu ..



Select and edit part of a layer

1. Choose one of these tools ..

Here, we have selected the Rectangular marquee tool ..


2. Select the layer you need and then drag across the part of the image you want to select ..


3. You can now edit the selection in a number of ways such as ..

To move the selection, choose the Move tool and drag the selection to a new position ..