Pixelmator tutorial - cut-outs

It is useful to be able to separate an image from its background.


1. Open an image in Pixelmator. You may have one already saved in which case use File>Open ..


In this tutorial we will cut this car from its background ..


2. Add a mask to your layer. Click here to learn how.


3. Choose the Brush tool, a large solid brush size (25?) , and black ..


4. Now paint on the image to mask out most of the background ..

If you make a mistake you can switch to white to remove some of the mask or select Edit>Undo brush ..


5. Zoom the image so you can see more detail ..


Switch to a smaller brush size and complete the mask ..


6. If your image is on a plain colour background (such as white) you can try the Magnetic Selection Tool. Do this ..

  1. Choose the tool
  2. Drag around your image
  3. Select Edit>Inverse selection to select the background ..
  4. Press backspace to delete the selected pixels


7. If you are going to use your image in Scratch select File>Export ..

.. then select PNG file format and click "Next" to name and save your file ..