Pixelmator tutorial - creating a new image

Create a new image

1. Launch Pixelmator and then click the "New document" button in the file browser window that opens ..

If Pixelmator is already open, select "new " from the top File menu ..


2. Set the image resolution ..

Target media Resolution (pixels per inch)
Screen (Scratch, web sites etc) 72 ppi
Home printer 150 ppi
Professional printer (eg Vistaprint) 300 ppi


3. Choose size dimensions (width and height) ..

Image type width (px) height (px)
Scratch background (correct size) 480 360
Scratch background (will shrink 50% when imported) 960 720
Scratch sprite 250 250
Web page background 1500 1000
Logo design 800 800

NOTE: You can create images at a bigger size than you will use them, and then later use scripts (Scratch) and img properties (html) to shrink them.


4. Click "OK" to open your new blank image ..


5. If your blank image document is small you can zoom into it whilst you work. There are 2 ways to do this ..

  1. Select the hand tool (H) and drag the slider at the top left of the document window ..

  2. Select View>Zoom in ..