Games design - Scratch 1.4 and 2.0

Download Scratch for free (Mac and PC)

Version 1.4

The Pixel Gang recommends this version for all students. It is the most stable version and best for young learners (beginners, KS1, and Pixel Gang certificate levels 1 to 4).

Download Scratch 1.4


Version 2.0

This version has a new interface and some new features. It is more challenging to learn and has some unintuitive "problems" that young learners may find frustrating.

There are 3 "versions" of Scratch 2.0.

  1. Offline (download) editor. Works like Scratch 1.4 for Mac and PC. Download, install and use locally. Mac users must have Adobe Air installed.

  2. Online editor WITHOUT a Scratch website account. Create and edit games online without an account. You must save them (Download to your computer) on your computer.

  3. Online editor WITH a Scratch website account. Create a free channel/account at the Scratch website. Games are stored at the website. You can still upload and download games.