Scratch game making tutorial 127

Quiz maze

In this tutorial you will create a game in which the player must answer questions to move through a maze and reach an objective. You will add your own questions to the maze.


Complete these steps ..


1. Download and save this Scratch game file ..


2. Launch Scratch and then use File>Open to open the game file ..



3. You will see that there is a single question sprite named "Q1" ..


To create more questions and position them around the maze you must do several things ..


a) Right-click the "Q1" thumbnail image under the stage and select "duplicate" to copy it ..

b) Select the new sprite and re-name it "Q2".


c) Select it's Costume tab, click "edit", then select the text tool and change it's number from "1" to "2" ..


d) Select the "Scripts" tab and create a new question and answer ..


e) If necessary, edit it's direction, either "90 right" or "0 up" so the question line blocks the path ..


f) Drag the new question sprite on the stage to a new position, blocking a path.



4. Repeat the process of copying and editing question sprites until you have lots of questions. 15 should be enough.


IMPORTANT!! Don't forget to save your game regularly.