Scratch exercise 101

Pokemon card select

In this exercise you will create scripts that allow you to select a single Pokemon card from a selection of cards.


Complete these steps ..


1. Create a new game (From the top menu choose File>New).


2. Right-click the cat sprite under the stage and delete it.


3. Download and save these sprites, then use the "choose new sprite from file" button under the stage to add them to your to your game ..


4. Create this variable ("for all sprites") ..

Position it in the top corner of the stage ..


5. Select the stage, click the "scripts" tab and add these scripts ..


6. Use "File>Save as" to save your game. Name it "Pokemon card select".


7. Select the "card 1" sprite and add these scripts ..


8. Press "B" then click on "card 1" on the stage to test your script. The card should move down to the centre of the stage and expand. Press "B" again to reset it. Press "E" to end your game.


9. Select the "card 2" sprite and add these scripts ..


10. Select the "card 3" sprite and add these scripts ..


11. Select the "card 4" sprite and add these scripts ..


12. Test your game and then use "File>Save" to re-save your game.