Scratch exercise 94

Game start countdown

In this exercise you create a countdown to automatically start your game. We will show the countdown in 2 ways ..

  1. the cat will say it
  2. we will place a large read-out variable display between some word in a text sprite


Complete these steps ..


1. Create a new game (from the top menu choose File>New).


2. Select the stage and create this variable ("for all sprites") ..

This will hold the numbers for the countdown.


3. Add these scripts to the stage ..

Note that we are using a broadcast "show instructions" first. When the countdown is complete we broadcast "begin game".


4. We'll get the cat to say the countdown. Add these scripts to the cat ..


5. Use File>Save as to save your game. Call it "game start countdown".


6. Paint a new sprite with a coloured background, and use the text tool to create some instructions. This sprite will have the game instructions which the player can read during the countdown. Remember to zoom out so you can see the full size.

Create something like this, (you can add the exact instructions later). Make the last line "The game will start in seconds", and remember to leave a gap to place the large read-out display of the countdown number ..

Click OK and re-name the sprite "instructions".


7. Now add these scripts to "instructions" ..


Next, right-click on the "instructions countdown" variable display on the stage and select 'large readout' ..

Position the large read-out in the gap you have left in the text "The game will start in seconds" like this ..


8. Use "File>Save" to re-save your game.


7. You've finished, well done! Press the "B" key, or click the green flag, to start the countdown.

Now all you have to do is create a game! remember to hide all the game sprites with the "show instructions" broadcast and show them with the "begin game" broadcast.