Scratch game making tutorial 85

Walk the dog

In this tutorial you will create a game in which an owner walks their dog around a park. When the owner walks, the dog will follow.

Complete these steps ..


1. Create a new game (From the top menu choose file>New)


2. Click the stage thumbnail then select the "Backgrounds" tab and paint a park as seen from above (like a flying bird would see it) like this ..


3. Now add these scripts onto the stage ..


3. Save your game using "File>Save as". Name you game "Walk the dog" and click OK.


4. Right-click on the cat thumbnail (sprite 1) below the stage and select "delete". Then click the "Paint new sprite" button and paint a picture of your dog owner as seen from above like this ..

When you are finished, copy the costume and change the position of the shoes like this ..


Now add these scripts ..

Finally, rename the sprite "Owner" ..


5. Save your game again this time using File>Save.


6. Now it's time to draw your dog. Click the "Paint new sprite" button again and draw something like this but without the green background ..

Next, rename the sprite "Dog".

If you like, copy the costume and change the position of the paws and tail so the dog animates when it moves ..


Now add these scripts to the dog ..


7. Re-save your game using File>Save.


12. You're done! Press "B" or click the Green Flag to test it.


13. Can you improve it? What else could you add?