Scratch exercise 79


Portal - advanced

In this exercise, after the Cat enters the portal and disappears, the Cat will re-emerge from a sprite which appears out of nowhere before disappearing again.


Complete these steps ..


1. Create a new game file.

2. Add these scripts to the stage ..



3. Download (right-click), save and import this sprite ..


Re-name it "Spawner". This is where the Cat will re-appear after it enters the portal.



4. Paint a simple oval Portal like this ..


Name the sprite "Portal" and add these scripts to it ..



5. Use File > Save as to save your game. Call it "Portal advanced".



6. Re-name sprite1 "Cat", then add these scripts ..



7. Add these scripts to "Spawner" ..

Notice how the ghost effect is used to make it appear and disappear.

8. Save your game again.

9. Press the "b" key to begin your game, and the "e" key to stop it. Use the arrow keys to move the Cat.