Scratch exercise 78


Portal - simple

A portal is a magic doorway to another place. We're going to make a game in which the Cat disappears when he touches a portal and then re-appears from another portal.

Complete these steps ..


1. Create a new game file by either opening Scratch or selecting File>New ..

2. Re-name sprite1 "Cat".


3. Click on the "Paint new sprite" button .. .. and paint a simple portal like this ..


4. Name it "Portal 1".

Now duplicate Portal 1, re-name it "Portal 2" and change its colour.


6. Arrange Portal 1 and 2 in the corners of the stage like this ..


7. Carefully add these scripts to the Cat ..

8. Use File > Save as .. .. to name and save your game. Call it "Portal"

9. Press the "b" key to begin your game, and the "e" key to stop it. Use the arrow keys to move the Cat.