Scratch game making tutorial 69

Bee keeper

In this tutorial you will create a game in which the Cat must collect milk bottles to improve his health and avoid being stung by the bees.

Complete these steps ..


1. Create a new game file.

2. Select the Stage and paint it green.


3. Create these variables ..

Arrange the "Cat lives" and "Milk bottles collected" on the stage as in the image above. Make the others invisible.


4. Add these scripts to the stage ..


5. Paint a new sprite with the instructions for your game ..

Name this sprite "Start instructions" and add these scripts to it ..


6. Save your game. Name it something like "Bee keeper".


7. Paint a bee, then duplicate the costume and change its wings and/or legs. We will use "next costume" to make it look like it is buzzing.

Name this sprite "Bee 1"


8. Duplicate Bee 1 and name it Bee 2.


9. Add these scripts to the cat ..


10. Save your game again.


11. Import this sprite and name it "Bee hive 1" ..

Now add these scripts to it ..


12. Duplicate Bee hive 1 and name it "Bee hive 2", then edit its "go to x y" script to make it go to a different location on the stage ..


13. Add these scripts to Bee 1 ..


14. Now drag the script from Bee 1 to Bee 2 to copy it and change the "go to" and "point towards" script blocks so that Bee 2 goes to Bee hive 2 ..


15. Save your game.


16. Paint a milk bottle, or other health treat for the Cat to collect, name it "Milk 1", and then add these scripts to it ..


17. Duplicate Milk 1 two times so you have 3 milk bottles.


18. Paint a "Game over" sprite ..

Add these scripts to it ..


19. Save your game again. You're done! Press "B" or click the Green Flag to test your game.


20. Can you improve this game? What changes or additions can you add?