Game making tutorial 63

Cog puzzle

In this tutorial you will make a game in which the player must drag and arrange cogs to make something happen. When n the right order the cogs turn and the water rises.

Complete these steps ..

1. Create a new game file.

2. Delete the cat sprite1.


3. Create these variables and hide them ..


4. Paint a new sprite with instructions ..

Add these scripts to it ..


5. Download, save and import this image as a new sprite ..

Create 4 duplicates (5 in total) and re-name them "cog1", "cog2", "cog3", "cog4" and "cog5".

Now colour each differently. Make sure you fill the middle of the cogs with a different but lighter colour.


6. Save your game. Name it "Cog puzzle".


7. Add these scripts to the cogs ..

Make sure that the "draggable" icon is unlocked for cogs 2, 3 and 4 and locked for cogs 1 and 5 ..

8. Re-save your game.


9. Paint a new sprite which is full of blue for the water ..

Re-name it "water" and add these scripts to it ..


10. Paint a Game over sprite ..

Re-name it "Game over screen" and add these scripts to it ..


11. Re-save your game. Well done, you're finished! Press "B" and then drag the cogs to test your game.