Scratch game making tutorial 58

Auto painter

In this game your will create a script that fills the stage with rainbow colours automatically.


1. Create a new Scratch game .. File>New


2. Right-click on the cat sprite beneath the stage and delete it.


3. Use the paint bucket to fill the stage background with black.


4. Create a new variable (for all sprites) called "timer".

Right-click the variable on the stage and select "large readout" then drag it to the bottom edge of the stage.


5. Paint a new sprite and add a single tiny black dot ..

Name the sprite "dot" and add these scripts ..


6. Save your game .. File>Save


7. Press the "B" key to start your game. How long does it take for the screen to be filled with colour?


8. Press the "E" key to stop your game.


9. Well done. You've finished. Can you modify the scripts to create different effects?