Scratch exercise 56

Timed animation

In this exercise we will first make a clock. Then we will create some sprites which will move when the clock gets to 2, 4, 6, 8 etc seconds.


1. Open Scratch or create a new Scratch game .. File>New


2. Now ..


When you are finished click "OK" and then click on the "Scripts" tab


4. We are going to make our clock. Select the "Variables" category

Now click "Make a variable" and when the dialogue window opens name the variable clock and click "OK" ..

It will appear on the stage.


5. Now we will make our clock tick. By selecting the different script categories and the correct blocks, add these scripts to the stage ..

We will use the "E" key to end our game and the "B" key to begin our game.


6. Click File>Save as and name and save your game ..


7. Now select the "sprite 1" (the cat) under the stage and re-name it "Cat". Select the "Scripts" tab and add these scripts ..


8. Click the "paint new sprite" button under the stage ..

Now paint a sun. When you are finished click "OK" and then add these scripts to it ..


9. Now paint a flower and add these scripts to it ..


10. Now paint a butterfly and add these scripts to it ..


11. Save you game again .. File>Save


12. Press the "B" key to start your game. Hit the space bar to jump over the moving walls. How long can you survive?


13. Press the "E" key to stop your game.


14. Well done. You've finished. Can you add features to the game?