Scratch exercise 54

Commercial break animation 01 - Knock-out drops

It this exercise you will create a scripted animation for a commercial.


1. Create a new Scratch game .. File>New ..


2. Select the cat sprite underneath the stage and delete it.


3. Select the stage and click on the "Backgrounds" tab. Click on the "Copy" button to create a 2nd background.

Click on the "Edit" buttons and use the paint bucket tool to fill the first background with black and the second with a bright light colour such as yellow.

4. Click the left-most button under the stage to "Paint new sprite". . Select the text tool, set the size to "36", choose a bright light colour and type "Trouble sleeping?" for your first caption.

Click OK and name the sprite "Caption 1".


5. Click on the "Sounds" tab and import a short sound effect to accompany your animation.


6. Add these scripts to Caption 1 ..

These scripts will make the sprite fade in and grow.


6. Press the "B" key to test your animation, then if all is well, save your game using File>Save as. Name it "Commercial break 01".


7. Paint a new sprite, and repeat what you did for "Caption 1" but this time choose a new colour for the text and type "Worried about school?". Name it "Caption 2".

Import a new sound effect for it too, then add these scripts ..


8. Do the same for captions 3 and 4 typing and adding the following typed text and scripts ..

For Caption 3 ..

"Why not try .."

For caption 4 ..

"New .."


9. Save your game using File>Save.


10. Now create the final caption but this time select a bright colour and 48 size for your text.

Type "KNOCK-OUT DROPS" and click "OK". Now import an explosion type sound effect. Name this caption "Caption 5".

Add these scripts to it ..


11. Right-click to download and save this image to your computer (eg desktop) ..


12. Click the "Choose sprite from file" icon under the stage and import the image you have just downloaded. Re-name the sprite "Boxing glove".

Add these scripts to it ..


13. Add these scripts to the stage ..


14. Save your game .. File>Save and then press "B" to try it out.


15. Well done. You've finished. Can you use these techniques to create an advert of your own?