Scratch game making tutorial 50

Bubble pop

It this tutorial you will learn how to make a complete game. The aim of the game is to see how big you can expand a bubble before it pops.


1. Create a new Scratch game .. File>New


2. Delete the cat by right-clicking on the sprite thumbnail below the stage and selecting "delete".


3. Paint a new spirte of a bubble and name it "Bubble". Make it big so it fills the paint window ..


4. Paint a new sprite of a Bug with two costumes. Make sure something is different about them. You could make the legs different ..

Name this sprite "Bug 1".


5. Right-click the sprite under the stage and duplicate it. Now rename the duplicate "Bug 2" and edit its costumes so it is a different colour.


6. Select the Bubble sprite and create 2 variables "For this sprite only" ..

  1. "Biggest sized reached"
  2. "Popped?"

You can turn off "Popped" so it doesn't appear on the stage or keep it visible for now so you can check if it's working as you build the game.


7. Add these scripts to the Bubble sprite ..


8. Add these scripts to Bug 1 ..


9. Add these scripts to Bug 2 ..


10. You're done! Press "B" to start your game. Move your mouse to control the bubble and hold down the right mouse button to grow it.


11. Can you mod (modify) the game? Perhaps improve it? Here's some ideas ..