Scratch exercise 35 - for beginners

Make the Cat walk

Complete these steps ..

  1. Create a new game file by either starting Scratch, or clicking on File > New ..

  2. Click in the name box to change sprite1's name from "sprite1" to "Cat".

    Remember to press Enter or Return on your keyboard when you are done.

    If the blue cursor is still flashing where you typed, you must press Enter or Return before doing anything else.

  3. Click the middle button next to the little picture of the Cat to make sure the Cat doesn't turn upside down when he moves around the stage ..

  4. The Cat is a bit to big. Lets make him smaller. Click on the scripts button.

    Find and drag it into the scripting area ..

    Click on the little black triangle next to "space" and select "b". B is for Begin.

    You will press the "B" key on your keyboard to begin your game ..

  5. Find by clicking on the scripts button and searching for it in the list below.

    Drag it out and snap it underneath like this ..

    Now click on "100 %" and change it to 60% ..

  6. Before we test this script we need to make a script to End our game. We will use the "E" key.

    With what you have already learnt, you should be able to add this script ..

    Now you should have this ..

  7. Press "B" on your keyboard to start your game and you will see the Cat shrink. Then press "E" to end your game.

    We need to end the game whenever we are working on it.

  8. Now let's make the Cat walk when we press the Arrow keys on our keyboard.

    Use the scripts button, the scripts button, and the scripts button to find and add these scripts ..

    You should now have these scripts ..

  9. Press "B" to begin your game. Try out the arrow keys. Press "E" to end your game.

  10. Now add the final scripts. Use the script buttons to find and add to this script ..

    Click the little black triangle next to "90" and select "(90) right" ..

    Do the same for the left arrow script, this time selecting "(90) left".

  11. Now add scripts to all the arrow scripts. When you have finished your scripts will look this ..

  12. Press "B" to begin your game. Try out the arrow keys. Press "E" to end your game.

  13. Now save your game. Go to "File > Save as" ..

    Next, make a new folder to save your games in. Click on the new folder icon then click in the box to name the folder with your name (eg "Nathan Watts") ..

    .. then click "OK".

    Next, find your new folder in the list ..

    .. and double click it to open it ..

    Finally, name and save your game by clicking in the box, typing in "Cat Walking", and clicking the OK button ..

    From now on, you can save your games in this folder. Just make sure you double click it to open it before saving.

  14. Well done! You have made your first game.


Example game file (right-click to download)