Scratch exercise 30

Cat throws a fireball at a fox

In this exercise you will create a new game in which the Cat is chased by a fox. The cat will throw fireballs at the fox.

Complete these steps ..


1. Create a new game. Either open Scratch or if it is already open choose "File>New" ..



2. Select the stage and add these scripts ..



3. Select the Cat sprite under the stage ("sprite1"), and then re-name it "Cat". Then select the "only face left-right" button ..


Now then add these scripts to the Cat ..

Press "B" on your keyboard and then use the arrow keys to make your Cat walk. Press the "E" key when you are ready to keep making your game.



5. Use "File>Save as" to save your game. Name it "Throwing fireballs".



6. We need a new sprite character who will be chasing the Cat. Click the "Choose sprite from file" button under the stage and import the fox sprite from the animals folder. Name your sprite (e.g. "fox").


Now select the "only face left-right" button ..




7. Paint a fireball for the Cat to throw, like this ..



8. Add these scripts to the Fireball to allow the Cat to throw the Fireball at the attacker ..

You need the Fireball to be smaller than the Cat sprite so "set size to" may need to be smaller than 40%.



9. Now add these scripts to the Fox ...



10. To test your game, Press the "B" key to begin and then the arrow keys to move the Cat and "space" to throw a Fireball.



11. Use "File>Save" to re-save your game.