Scratch exercise 14

Change stage background - simple

In this exercise you will add scripts to the Cat that make the stage background change whenever the Cat touches the edge of the stage.


Complete these steps ..

1. Create a new game. Either open Scratch or if it is already open choose "File>New" ..




2. Select the stage and add these scripts ..



3.Re-name the cat sprite "Cat" and set it to face left-right only ..



4. Add these script to the Cat sprite ..


Press the "B" key and move your mouse pointer on the stage to make the Cat walk.

Press the "E" key when you are ready for the next step.



5. Select the stage, and the select the "Backgrounds" tab. Create 2 or 3 different backgrounds ..



6. Add these scripts to the stage ..

Press the "B" key to begin your game. Every time the Cat touches the edge of the stage he will pause and the background will change.



7. Go to "File > Save as" and save your game. Name it "Change stage background"