Scratch exercise 01a

Begin and End a game - easy method

Complete these steps ..


1. Create a new game. Either open Scratch or if it is already open choose "File>New" ..



2. It is always best to name your sprites.

Select the cat sprite, then select the costume tab. Click in the name box to change the cat sprite's name from "sprite1" to "Cat" ..



3. Although it is easy to click the green flag at the top right corner of the stage to begin a game and the red circle to end it, it is quicker to use keys on your keyboard ..

Find the "B" and the "E" keys on your keyboard. We will use the "B" to begin or game and the "E" key to end it. We don't use the "S" key because it could stand for "Start" or "Stop".



4. Let's make the cat turn around when we click the "B" key, and end the game when we click the "E" key.

Click on the cat sprites "scripts' tab and add these scripts to ..

Press the "B" key to begin your game. Notice how the green flag turns bright green. Now press the "E" key to end your game. Notice how the green flag turns dull.



5. Now it is time to save your game. Click here to learn how