We evaluate and review risks to our staff and learners regularly

(Physical) health & safety risk assessment

Current, ongoing & emerging issues

Location: 17 Barham Close Bromley Kent BR2 8LU

Description: IT suite

Date: This risk assessment 22/12/2017

Risk To whom? Controls in place Are they adequate? Recommendations
Tutor workstation trolley leads trip hazard. Staff Cable tied Yes Trolley should not be moved, only rotated
Computer interconnections, electrocution, trip hazards. Teachers & learner Circuit breakers, trip fuses, all cables secured away from accidental trip and damage. Yes None.
Fire Teachers & learner Learner inset at course start, smoke detector alarms, exit to rear and front. Yes None
Portable fans. Risk of trailing leads. Teachers & learner No trailing leads in access areas. Yes None
All studios, electrical equipment electrocution Teachers & learner Staff and student H&S inset. Faulty equipment reported in fault books and moved to maintenance area. Yes None
Computer screen glare from windows Teachers & learner New blinds and curtains on windows Yes None
Computer hygiene on all computers Teachers & learner Antic bacterial mouse mats. Wet wipes available. Course induction inset Q&A. Yes None
Workstation headphones. Risk of transmitted infection and hearing damage. Teachers & learner Course induction inset Q&A. Learners are asked to bring their own headphones. Yes None
Excessive heat in studios during summer months Teachers & learner Cold drinking water available. French windows can be opened. Air conditioners and fans installed where appropriate. Yes None
Computer monitors set to too high a resolution. Teachers & learner Computer inset. System preferences practical. Students warned of dangers. Yes None