Bring your own computer or use one of ours

Computers & equipment

students and laptops
At our teaching studio we use Apple computers, in addition to video production, still image, and audio production equipment. We use the schools computers at our after schools clubs held at schools, but your child can bring their own laptop too.

Bring your own computer

Although there are no technical advantages, learners can bring their own computer (laptops) to sessions. These are the primary organisational benefits ..

  • all of a child’s work can be stored in one location, including the files your child has created or continued working on at home, such as Scratch games.
  • familiarity with a system.
  • easy access to media created by the child such as stored images and words.
  • parental controls chosen by parent.

If you need help, we can advise you on the most affordable laptops and the best free software to install.

Other equipment

In addition to the computers, we have a range of hardware devices that allow the children to create professional standard media content, including ..

  • Apple Mac Minis
  • 22" monitors
  • Panasonic AVCHD camcorder
  • Nikon digital SLR
  • Canon scanner
  • Green screen
  • LED video lights (safe for children to handle)
  • Light reflectors
  • Manfotte tripods
  • Sony video mic
  • Fish-pole boom
  • Studio microphones and stands
  • Beyer Dynamic headphones


To make it as easy as possible for our learners to continue with their learning at home, we try to use as much free software as possible. Although our own computers are Apple Macs, all our activities can be undertaken on PCs too.

The software we use ..

Activity Mac software PC software
Website design TextEdit, Pixelmator NotePad, Gimp
Digital images Pixelmator Gimp
Games design Scratch, Pixelmator Scratch, Gimp
Desktop publishing Pages, Pixelmator Scribus, Gimp
Video production iMovie Windows Movie Maker

computer suite

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