Pencils, paints, scissors and glue are great, but there are other tools to explore ..

Digital images course

digital images course
If your child loves to draw, paint and take photographs, this course will underpin their creativity by providing practical skills and technical know-how in digital imagery to help them with their creative projects and school work.

Activity options & fees

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NOTE: Your child must have already attended a Taster Session or after school club to attend one of these courses.

Age range & SEN

7-12 year olds. Is your child ready?

Course content

Gov.UK logoOur courses cover attainment targets from the new National Computing Curriculum.

Working individually and in pairs, the children use a variety of tools and techniques (pencils, montage, photography, scanning etc) to create, transfer to the computer, manipulate and publish images.

teacher and studentsSession activities include ..

  • Types of images - portraits, self-portraits, landscapes, objects and products, diagrams, cartoons, engravings, holograms, 3D, rubbings, collage etc.
  • Originating images in the computer - image editing programme interface, new document setup, layers, tools, filters, opening and saving etc
  • Copyright - what can be copyrighted, creator rights, why must permission be sought?
  • Dots and colours - dpi and ppi, rgb and cmyk
  • Scanning images - scan a photo, printed image, object etc
  • Photography - focusing, wide and close-ups, light and flash, transfer to computer
  • Editing images - use a computer to edit an image

Learning outcomes ..

  • Know the different types of images
  • Understand the differences between how paint and light combine
  • Understand pixels and dots
  • Know what copyright is
  • Use a computer to create an image
  • Be able to use a stills camera, lights and a tripod to take an image and transfer it to the computer
  • Be able to scan an image
  • Use a computer to manipulate and edit an image


Learners can either bring their own laptops or use our computers. Advice is here.

CertificateAccreditation & levels

This course is accredited with a Young Digital Image Designer Level 1 Pixel Gang Certificate. To earn the certificate learners must complete tasks and create supporting evidence.