Remember when all school work was hand written? How things have changed!

Desktop publishing course

desktop publishing learner
As your child progresses to secondary school, an understanding of how to combine words and pictures into documents that can be shared digitally becomes increasingly important. This course teaches copywriting, typography, image preparation, and page design and layout.

Activity options & fees

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NOTE: Your child must have already attended a Taster Session or after school club to attend one of these courses.

Age range & SEN

7-12 year olds. Is your child ready?

Course content

Gov.UK logoOur courses cover attainment targets from the new National Computing Curriculum.

The children work in pairs to create a multi-page publication for the screen such as a newsletter, fanzine, how-to guide or biography, on a subject of their choice. The publication can be about any subject, such as a well known event, sport, game, object or person. Research must come from non-digital media such as personal experience, books, and magazines.

In addition to using and editing photographs, the children create images and designs on paper before transferring them to the computer.

Session activities include ..

  • Choosing a subject - looking at examples, researching and planning content (sources, interviews, reviews, opinion etc)
  • Creating a masthead logo - drawing and scanning
  • Copywriting - publication title, strap-line, headlines, stand-firsts, body copy
  • Images - sourcing, creating, scanning, photographing
  • Layout - formatting and setting up a document, columns, footers, headers, adding text and images and styling with style-sheets
  • Publishing - create a finished PDF suitable for sharing

Learning outcomes ..

  • Know the uses of desktop publishing
  • Understand how different file formats are stored and shared on a computer system
  • Be able to create original content in word and pictures to deliver a message
  • Use a desktop publishing layout programme to design, layout and style words and images
  • Be able to publish and share a multi-page desktop publishing document


Learners can either bring their own laptops or use our computers. Advice is here.

CertificateAccreditation & levels

This course is accredited with a Young Desktop Publisher Level 1 Pixel Gang Certificate. To earn the certificate learners must complete tasks and create supporting evidence.